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Disadvantages of Online Web Site Builders In the hustle to set up a new website, many small business owners skip the homework phase of researching what a site builder will actually do for them. They go right into signing up for what they think is the cheapest and easiest way of using the web to promote their business. As a result, they wind up getting duped into setting up a site builder account with a cheap looking website template stored in a poor hosting environment. For these entrepreneurs who have no experience of how the web design process works, they are simply wasting their time and money. Online site building companies pump themselves up by emphasizing the speed at which you can get online with a brand new website. Taglines such as “No Programming Needed”, “Get Online In 20 Minutes”, “24 Hour Support” and “Increase Your Business Sales by 20%!” […]

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Back in 2005, Business Week was writing a story about design as a commodity. Since then, the barrier to entry to becoming a design professional has continued to drop, compounding the problem with an even greater over-supply of designers.   Ann Handley, author of the book Content Rules, attributes this to your left-brained technical skills, and also the commoditization of creativity through the proliferation of design templates, do-it-yourself site builder applications, and free WordPress themes.   My personal feeling is that the design industry is losing respect. I believe that with our increased numbers we are naturally less valued, but we’re not exactly helping ourselves with our conduct, either. Every time a professional designer is willing to participate in spec work (basically working for free, in the hope that they might “win” by getting paid), for example, or charge $100 to design a logo, or even abandon a project midway […]

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How Much Will My Website Cost? That’s tends to be the first question I get asked by a client. I’ve asked it when getting work done myself. And I bet you have too. To be fair, it is a good question to ask. After all as a small business owner you need to know how much things will cost. However, it is a bit like phoning a house builder and saying “I want you to build me a new house. How much will it cost?” After a pause, they will then ask lots of questions such as, how many bedrooms and bathrooms do you want, what size should the rooms be, if you have some land to build the house on and so on. Only once they have all the information required will they be able to provide you with a price. Having a website built is very similar in that the price depends on a […]

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